> highway video

> work of the people

> allelon

> the ooze

> 24-7 prayer

> time photo essays

> bruderhof

> enChristo mainz

> treibhaus training

> mars hill church

> desiring god

> cambridge vineyard

> trent vineyard

> new generation mission

> method x

> electricurrent

> pixelgrazer

> istockphoto

> heidelberg photos

> konumo photos


> cutting edge magazine

> relevant magazine

> christian history

> time europe

> harvard business review

> fast company

> inside worship

> equipped


2 Antworten to “Links”

  1. PASCAL ETSE GOVINA 1 April, 2007 um 7:12 am #

    Hello Marlin,
    How are you? It has been a while! hope Carla and the children are
    doing well!
    I am doing well, i am still in New York; i went to visit Kendra at
    the beginning of the year in North Carolina, it was very good!
    I am still working at the marketing company, i am also working
    right now on a personal business project,will tell you more later.
    I read some of your posting and i was particulary interested in
    “ Neue Bewegungen entstehen eher in der Oberschicht“ my question
    to you is this, have you done a research on the sect and cult issue?

  2. Rick 12 Dezember, 2007 um 10:42 pm #

    I really like what you did with the site!!! I’m jealous. I read through GoogleReader so I didn’t realize you moved to WordPress. Very nice!

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