God sees diamonds

21 Mai

Ein schönes Gedicht, eine Art Manifest. Habe ich kürzlich gefunden und hat mich inspiriert. Unten ist Gerard Kelly – mit einem Talk über Tables. Sehr cool.

We believe…
…every human being
has a worth worth seeing
Every name is a sound worth saying
Your potential a prayer worth praying
You see coals – God sees diamonds

We believe in the grace
Of the gifts God gives
His breath in everything that lives
Greater gifts to be discovered
Deep in you, disguised, dust-covered
You see coal – God sees diamonds

We see traces of truth
In the yearnings of youth
God’s image in imagination
We crave a community
that will honour audacity
And cherish the dreams of its children
You see coal – God sees diamonds

We see God seeking
A servant generation
Kindness as the kindling
To Kick-start transformation
Love as liberation
Of a captive creation
We are digging
for the diamonds God sees

written by Gerard Kelly


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