links for 2009-01-13

13 Jan
  • Carl Tuttle über Pläne und Prioritäten:

    "When I planted a church in Santa Maria, CA. in February of 1984, it was during the time in the Vineyard Movement when everyone one was doing the 5-year plans. Guys were filling notebooks two inches thick with all their goals and plans. My first year plan didn’t take a half a page. My plan for Santa Maria Vineyard was simple—gather people, build, relationships, transfer values. That was it, baby! Now I did put a little meat to it by answering the 5 W’s and H, but there was no sense in cutting down another tree so I could fill a notebook and impress my friends."

  • Zusammenfassung über Motivation für heutige Arbeiter:

    "The first thing you need to keep in mind is the fundamental idea of ownership.
    You don't have to give up stock in your company, to give a young worker a feeling that s(he) is contributing to themselves, as well as the firm's bottom line. But you do need to invest in their sense of desire to contribute in meaningful ways to institutions that matter. To them, coming to work is an exercise in mutual benefit."

  • Michael Stallard über die Rolle von Connection für Organizationen:

    "Unless the people who are part of a business feel a sense of connection –an emotional bond that promotes trust, cooperation and esprit de corps – they will never reach their potential as individuals, nor will the organization."

    Vision + Value + Voice = Connection


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