links for 2008-11-27

27 Nov
  • "‘There was something more fun in the Kennedy White House.’ How true," Mr. Sorensen croons, "improving the world should be fun."

    Das Buch von Ted Sorensen habe ich gerade gelesen, der Speechwriter für JFK war und jetzt auch bei Obama mitgewirkt hat. Interessante Aspekte über Politik, Geschichte und Führung.

  • Historians continue to puzzle over one of the great mysteries of history: How to explain the sixteenth century. In 1560, two institutions dominated Europe, neither of which had existed twenty-five years earlier. The north was dominated by the Calvinist movement, the south by the Jesuit order.

    Twenty-five years later, Europe had been changed. Nothing in the history of the world, not even the rise of Islam, can compare with the rapid growth and effectiveness of these institutions.

    How do you explain it? Both Calvin and Loyola taught a similar spiritual discipline: that whenever one does anything in a key activity (they were usually spiritual activities, but not entirely), one writes it down, and then one keeps track of what happens. This feedback, whether it's a Calvinist examination of conscience, or the Jesuit spiritual exercise, is the way you quickly find out what you're good at. And you find out what your bad habits are that inhibit the full yield.

  • "The Crazy Cycle in marriage" (Which triggers and fuels itself) It can be summed up like this:

    "Without love, she reacts without respect. Without respect, he reacts without love. Around and around they go–on the Crazy Cycle."

    1.Assume the goodwill and good intentions of your spouse in all situations. Reread point number one.
    2.A husband is to love (verb) his wife without condition. Focus on loving. What does this look like to your wife?

    4.Avoid the crooked thinking mistake: "I feel hurt; therefore, you hurt me." This logic naturally leads to withholding either love or respect.

    10.Who should break the Crazy Cycle if you find yourself stuck in it? Answer: The most mature person in the relationship!

    There is a ton packed into this book!

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