links for 2008-11-01

1 Nov
  • schönes tool, um events mit Bezahlung zu organisieren

    amiando helps you with all the smaller aspects of organising an event: Website, promotion, participant registration, online payment, ticketing and more. That way you have more time for your core responsibilities.

  • I have learned that a key characteristic of highly successful leaders is not that they figure out how to always stay on course, but that they develop techniques to help them recognize a deteriorating situation and get back on track as quickly as possible. In my experience, the best way to do that is to step back regularly, say every three to six months (and certainly whenever things feel as though they aren’t going well), and honestly ask yourself some questions about how you’re doing and what you may need to do differently. As simple as this process sounds, people are often shocked by their own answers to basic management and leadership questions.
  • A fuzzy vision will fail to rally your listeners to a better future…. For a vision to have impact, it must be simple and profound. How do you attain both? By keeping your vision to ten words or less….

    ‘The opposite of a leader isn’t a follower. The opposite of a leader is a pessimist.’

  • “Central to Edison’s success was his ‘invention factory’, bringing together great people, constant prototyping and a culture of innovation and enterprise … He believed that, while ‘books show the theory of things, doing a thing itself is what counts.’ He saw failure as part of the inventive process.”

    If expectations on his team were at times impossibly high, the atmosphere was informal and freewheeling. The ‘Muckers’ did not work to any rules,’ said Edison, ‘because they were trying to achieve something.’

  • Forty times in the book of John, Jesus refers to himself as being sent by the Father. … You’ll never move volunteers beyond making cookies until you let them strap on a sword and release them into the battle. Their hearts were made for it–so don’t do everything yourself…even if you could do it better. Always give the ministry away.
  • "Motives are typically complicated and only partially visible, so it's easy for them to become the focus of endless speculation, interpretation, soul-searching, and navel gazing. Because motives are mixed and complicated, discussions of what they really should be can go on interminably."
  • "These self-found internal solutions have some important advantages. The individual trusts these solutions, knows how to apply them, knows they're relevant for him and knows he has the skills required to apply them. Furthermore, he has identified them himself and is most likely to be committed to trying them out."

Eine Antwort to “links for 2008-11-01”

  1. andi 8 November, 2008 um 1:17 pm #

    Hi Marlin,

    Grüße aus Würzburg (ich habe dich vor einem Jahr mal in Heidelberg in deiner Gemeinde besucht und hatte damals selbst einen Blog)!
    Kannst Du mir noch mal Deine Mail-Adresse schicken?

    LG Andi

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