links for 2008-10-29

29 Okt
  • "I’ve seen a lot of emotions in my 20 years in business. Lots of anger, lots of sadness, lots of joy, lots of depression, lots of enthusiasm, lots of euphoria. I prefer the joy, enthusiasm, and euphoria, but I know that the anger, sadness, and depression are part of the experience. One of the challenges of being an investor is having companies (and entrepreneurs) in different states simultaneously. On any given day, I’m likely at a meeting where the people around the table are in a happy place and then at a meeting where the people are in a not happy place. Repeat.

    My simple advice – for all entrepreneurs – is “don’t take it personally.” Today, when someone yells at me or acts irrationally, I’m simply amused. I listen. I try to be constructive. But I don’t take it personally. "

  • "I was commenting to her how much I admired Phil’s ability to laugh with people even when he is in conflict with them. That’s when she said: “that’s because Phil understands that conflict is not the same as rejection.”"
    (tags: conflict)
  • "The best measure of a blog is not how many people it reaches, it’s how much it changes what you do. Changes your posture, your writing, your transparency, your humility. What blogging has done for me is made me think."
    (tags: blogging)
  • kostenloser online-Photo-Editor (Photoshop-mäßig)

2 Antworten to “links for 2008-10-29”

  1. Lars 31 Oktober, 2008 um 12:23 pm #

    super Zitate, super online tool – nach sowas hatte ich gesucht!


  1. Pages tagged "graphics" - 29 Oktober, 2008

    […] bookmarks tagged graphics links for 2008-10-29 saved by 3 others     Zanessaluver95 bookmarked on 10/29/08 | […]

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